Wreck-it Ralph after thoughts

Wreck-it Ralph after thoughts

Top: A rare sight of game characters recreated by the team, except that it’s an official image approved, not fan-made (have you seen those fan-made stuff that exceeds the quality of the paid professional artists?!)

What a gd production strategy, actually there’s no need to seek rights, if u’re big as Disney, send out mass emails to game companies, to feature their characters and spoofs, free marketing and win-win for all. Most importantly audiences and gamers love it!

Not to mention, the countless games references just bring back some good’o memories.

Plot is simple and straight forward, expectable and little surprises. A bit disappointed that the games references only appear in the early development, nothing else is mentioned once the original plot kicks in.

A bit ‘copy Toy Story’ by retell the concept within video games. Overall still quite enjoyable!


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