Project Eyes – ongoing world tour

This is an ongoing project. I consider myself very fortunate to be doing what I love as an engineer, and given the opportunity to travel and meet people around the world. The first pair of eyes I took is my colleague who’s leaving Singapore to return to Germany, so I took a picture of her pair of beautiful blue green eyes. The next following half a year I found myself keep ‘collecting eyes’ and also a way to make new friends.

Please enjoy this collection of photographs. Celebrate diversities, differences and world peace. Thank you friends for volunteering their eyes for this project.

Countries collected so far:


Netherlands, England, Austria, Ghana, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Serbia, Latvia, Australia, United States, Czech Republic, Panama, Slovakia.


s_front_3x3_1000px_split_bw_title sIMG_2316c4_de_inka sIMG_1122_england_south_walessIMG_1168_austria sIMG_1983_england_ghana sIMG_3221_italy sIMG_3235_belgium sIMG_3529_italy_brunaro sIMG_4288e_sg_iri_friend sIMG_4316e_sg_jiajia sIMG_4321_japan sIMG_4386e_sg_iri_friend sIMG_4576_sg_sara sIMG_4615_de_osswald sIMG_5718_taiwan sIMG_6648_turkey sIMG_7460_Serbia_e sIMG_7878_latvia_e sIMG_7920_australia_e sIMG_8196_united_states sIMG_8302_czech_republic sIMG_8540_panama_logo sIMG_8542_panama_e sIMG_8723_Slovensko_e sIMG_9817_korea sIMG_9830e_czech_sabrina sIMG_1098_NetherlandssIMG_2586e_china_yanxin


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