DIY Air Purifier in less than 15min


September 2015 has been a hazardous month for neighbouring nations to Indonesia due to the forest fire, my sister was disappointed to find air purifiers and masks getting out of stocks. So I decided to build a very simple air filter/purifier for the home. This DIY rely on the same principle of air-conditioning unit filtering air. Your home air-con should work just fine, this DIY should be applicable for living room without air-con installed.


It has been running for 5 days since I have completed it. After 5 days I peel the tape off and I see a distinct difference in the color of the filter. Click above for the photo 3000*1195 in dimension, there is no photo enhancing made in the macro close-up of the fibre and you can clearly see the collected particles.

I will now share with you how you can make your own air purifier!


The view from National University of Singapore, University Town on 22 Sept 2015, I decided to add some photoshop fun to the picture…
While commercial air filter looks better and better package as a household product, it all comes to the volume air flow and rate of filtration, and I suspect some of these purifier looks much better than their rate of air flow. This DIY may not be the most aesthetically appealing, but I can ensure a good performance depends on the fans you chose for suction!

What you will need

All you need is an air-con filter and some cloth tape to convert any of your home fan. For this case I got the automotive air-con filter. Technically it would work better with the HEPA filter but it will be more costly. The air-con filter would work just fine. I bought my filters from automotive repair shop, I have yet to research on other cheaper filters you can find (especially its getting harder to buy the N95 filters as they are running out of stock).


For my case I have a round fan… how am I going to stick that squarish filter on that round profile? You would see the thick end of the air filter, for this case it was supposed to have double sided tape to stick on the air-con inlet. Just cut away one side and you can fold it like a Chinese fan.

To be honest, I didn’t knew it would work out better than expected, experimentation by clipping with my guitar tuner.
The edges should be taped down to ensure best suction through the filter.

air_07 air_08

Same for the edges at the back, tape them down!

air_09   air_12

After my mother removed the filter by accident, I decided to repair it with more tape, and it looks much better.




What the heck! This has got to be one of the ugliest thing I had made in my DIY collections (next to the ugly camera lens that turn viral on It looks like a fan with diaper, well, technically it is! Turn the fan on, and you feel for the edges for any escaping air and do some fine adjustment. Here you go! A quick air purifier in less than 15min. After a while you should see the filter collecting all the dust and particles, place this in any part in your home and let it do the job for you.

Hope you like this DIY, please also check out my other home DIY such the bicycle chandelier, brass pipe planter and the infamous Volkswagen emission scandal Jeta exhaust pipe turned into a standing lamp planter.


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