Hand-held video stabilizer (scooter mod) for ‘car chase’ scene


What to do when you do not have professional equipment available for the ‘car chase’ shoot the next day? Build one yourself within 2 hours!

This was exactly how it happened. I had this kid’s kick scooter part lying around in the workshop, I thought this could be an interesting yet useful mod.


I took the steering part of the kid’s kick scooter off, the handle and bearing seems to be working fine. The lower part is the standard stabilizer I bought from ebay quite a while ago but stays under utilized. It works okay, but handle location is not very confortable and not suitable for my ‘car chase’ requirement. So to explore if this concept works with minimum effort, I simply took waste sheet metal and join them up together.
Wah lah! After all been put together in one piece, using wing nut for the part that holds the stabilizer so it can still be taken out, it works better than expected! The ‘handle’ provides an extra axis for rotation.


How my shoot works, is to hand held it from top and ride one hand with bicycle. (Panasonic GH3)

Unfortunately I can’t show the final video yet, here’s a sample how it performs on 5D mk II while walking. If I attached the 5-axis stabilized E-M1 it will work even better.

Hope you like it! A quick mod within 2 hours. Feel free to leave feedbacks below for any thoughts and improvements!


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