Assorted DIY lens caps from furniture leg tip to BMW emblem

I still remember the 3rd lens I have bought in my life is the Sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6, bought during a backpacking trip in Australia, only to have lost the cap 3 days after, a Polish boy and a British marathoner whom I was with in the mini van was making fun of me as I covered the ultra-wide angle lens with cardboard paper and black tape for a quick fix.

Well, when the world gives you lemon, you make lemonade! Even when you have the access to buy a proper replacement, hell, isn’t it just more fun to make a cap on your own? Especially some lenses accept only their own uniquely shaped lens cap and could cost 25 USD for just a cap.

Here are 4 of the caps I made that are proven to be more reliable than how they looks:

Assorted materials for caps.

  1. Furniture leg tip for Tamron 50mm 2.8 C-mount

    I found this lens in a old office drawer, in the same drawer different compartment I found this furniture leg tip rubber, just one of it. I assume that the previous owner used that thing as the cap.

The lens has a 25mm inner thread, I could have bought a proper cap, but hey this is way more fun.


It’s not a perfect fit, but the friction tight fit help securing and prevents from dropping off.

2. Wilkin & Sons fruit jam bottle cap for Leica Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Summitar 50mm F2

This, combination, is, a, work, of, art. I just love how the chrome fits.
The Leica Summitar does not have any thread, so I am forced to think of a solution here. I found the Wilkin & Sons jam cap after my sister’s breakfast. It’s not a perfect fit, so I need to use a plier to create the dents.
The dents help fitting on the Leica lens and it’s quite secure. This is the best looking DIY cap I had made.

3. Ugly acrylic glue black cloth tape for Sigma 15mm 2.8 fisheye

I picked up this lens from a flea market for almost free, so as expected it didn’t come with a cap. I was eager to take the lens out for some shoot so I have to make something.


Hell, this is the ugliest thing I have made, but it’s functional, so I am not complaining.

The idea was, okay, I have access to the workshop laser cutter and acrylic, I will laser cut 2 pieces precise fitting acrylic, use heat gun to bend it to a PERFECT circle… well, in reality it’s far from perfect…
The glue wasn’t enough to hold the tension of the bent acrylic, therefore I have to reinforce the circle with black cloth tape. I can actually shoot with the cap on.

4. BMW 82mm emblem for Russian MИP-47K / MIR-47K 20mm 2.5

This is my second favorite cap next to the Leica jam bottle cap. My father drives a BMW, and after about 8 years the cap just degraded beyond recognize. Luckily, you can order the replacement from taobao/ebay, just google for the BMW 82mm emblem.

I took the degraded emblem down, and the size fits perfectly for the MNP-47k 20mm 2.5. This lens does not have an internal thread therefore I need a customized solution.

It was painted black as the degradation is too obscene. Damn, if I kept to the BMW blue and white this could’ve been a kick-ass lens cap. 
There were 2 mounting pins to mount onto the car, cut them off.
The emblem itself cannot be mount onto the lens. So I laser cut a 4mm acrylic ring sized to perfect fit, glued it onto the lens to mount from exterior of the lens.

What’s the most unique lens cap you have seen before? What could be a cool lens cap solution? Please leave at the comments below if you have other feedbacks and suggestions!


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