25mm C-mount comparison: Wollensak, Pentax, Fujian and General Electric


Shootout for the standard 50mm-equivalent lenses for micro four-third! List of lens to be compared (from left-right):

Canon EF-mount Sigma 24mm 1.8

Olympus four-third Olympus 25mm 2.8

Canon EF-mount Sigma 18-35mm ART 1.8 @24mm

Wollensak 25mm 1.5 (attached on E-M1)
Pentax 25mm 1.4
Fujian 25mm 1.4
General Electric Television 25mm 1.4

Micro 4/3
Panasonic 20mm 1.7 (not in the picture)

I wish I have the Panasonic/Leica 25mm 1.4 for comparison. Anyway, these are what I have.


img_0576cI would like to add my Canon EF mount lens into the comparison, unfortunately I do not have one of those Metabones’ smart adapter to control the aperture. So instead, I used my DIY aperture EF-m4/3 adapter (you can watch the video here).

I will only be comparing 2 settings: wide-open and F2.8, center and corner, fixed shutter speed and everything else.


Here’s the test with center and corner with 100 crop:

(click for full image wide-open)
F1.4 F2.8
Sigma 18-35mm 1.8
S1835_14C.jpg S1835_28C.jpg
Sigma 24mm 1.8P9175406_S24_14.JPG


S24_14C.jpg S24_28C.jpg
Olympus 25mm 2.8P9175410_oly25_28.JPG


C-mount Fujian 25mmP9175411_FUJIAN_14.JPG FUJIAN_14C.jpg FUJIAN_28C.jpg
C-mount G.E. 25mmP9175402_GE14.JPG GE_14c.jpg GE28C.jpg
C-mount Pentax 25mmP9175413_pentax_14.JPG pentax_14c.jpg pentax_28C.jpg
C-mount Wollensak 25mmP9175415_wollensak_14.JPG wollensak_14C.jpg wollensak_28C.jpg
Panasonic 20mm 1.7P9175420_p20_17.JPG p20_17C.jpg p20_28C.jpg
Corner F1.4 F2.8
Sigma 18-35mm S1835_14S.jpg S1835_28S.jpg
Sigma 24mm S24_14S.jpg S24_28S.jpg
Olympus 25mm oly25_28S.jpg
C-mount Fujian 25mm FUJIAN_14S.jpg FUJIAN_28S.jpg
C-mount G.E. 25mm GE_14S.jpg GE28S.jpg
C-mount Pentax 25mm pentax_14S.jpg pentax_28S.jpg
C-mount Wollensak 25mm wollensak_14S.jpg wollensak_28S.jpg
Panasonic 20mm 1.7 p20_17S.jpg p20_28S.jpg



Oh well, I have to stop my c-mount collecting fetish.. anyway, I wanted to find out which C-mount works the best for m4/3, given with what I have here. As shared before in my previous review on the fujian 25mm 1.4, don’t quite jump to conclusion to which c-mount lens is the sharpest yet, to many c-mount enthusiasts, the fun lies with finding out the character of each lenses. While Wollensak 25mm seems to out-perform Pentax 25mm and has a smooth cine focusing, one thing I would prefer Pentax over Wollensak is that the focusing is much faster than the cine fine-focus if I want to shoot for street photography.

The General Electric however, is a funny lens. Prior to that, I found no review/image samples of th G.E. lens (perhaps it’s too soft to even start a review), since I spotted it on ebay I might as well give it a try. To be honest, it requires some modification for better fitting on the adapter which I had yet to explore yet, the first impression is, it is quite a soft lens even though it covers four-third sensor.

That’s all for now! This is just a personal blog to share some findings on DIY and photography stuff, I do not make any profit from this site yet, but I will be open for donation so I can test out more funny lenses 🙂

$1 – Aah… coffee
<$5 – Mmm… lunch meal
<$10 – Woo… ramen
<$25 – Waa… steak
>$50 – WOW! Thank you!



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