BMW F800GS motorcycle 3D printed crash bar cover

Few days ago I became a very excited boy as the owner of the BMW F800GS tourer. When I took over from the previous owner, I saw the marking on the a nut so I ask what’s those black tape marks. The previous owner, a very friendly navy, explained to me that it radiates so much heat that it burns your leg if you do not wear your jeans!

The notorious crash bar screw that conducts heat directly from the engine.

I did a small search online and it appears that a few owners had the same issue after they installed the crash bar, somebody cover it up with something else too. So as an excited young amateur engineer can’t wait to find things to fix on his newly acquired bike, it’s a weekend project to give some task to this entry-level 3D printer.

The quick-&-dirty engineering

Simple way out, just cover the d*mn thing up with tapes or something. The complicated way, laser scan the exact model out with micrometers precision to design a perfect cover. I chose in-between. I did a quick eye measure on the subject and model it out. As I discovered there’s a through 5mm hole not far from the nut (probably for rain drainage or pipe air outlet during welding). It makes a perfect mount.

Left: the basic model. Right: the model that doesn’t takes me more than 1 hour to design

It’s ugly as hell, but I want to first prove that :
1) This can be mounted,
2) Serve its purpose to insulate heat
3) The temperature is not high enough to melt the PLA.

So here’s the first and working prototype!

The hole is a close 5mm hole. Considering that it was a simple eye measurement, I expect my measurement to be out. I use a m4 screw to give it more tolerance.
Seems like a perfect fit!


I have been testing with and without the cover for a while, it definitely serves its purpose without melting. I can feel some gentle warm air coming out from the ventilation holes and it’s a joy to ride the bike with something you 3D printed (The story of my other bike’s 3D printed parts coming soon).


So that’s it!

You can download the model for free under creative commons Cc-by-nc-sa_icon.svg.png, feel free to modify and improve the model if you may!



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