DJI Mavic Pro – repairs and 3D printed parts

Mavic is a game changer in the RC hobbyist community and even the professional film making community. yea yea.. some may review that it’s a good drone, but not without problems. So well, I crashed once with my own stupidity and error. I was desperate to fix it and I was happy to find a few ifixit videos available.

I am not sure if I should share the models here yet, coz they are all in beta testing and requires some modifications, so it’s too embarrassing to share.

1. Gimbal 

That was one of the saddest day. Well, at least I managed to recover it.
I won’t be showing you how, but I find the instructions from most useful to assist me to replace the gimbal. If I remember correctly the video is missing a screw or 2. But hey, if you can already follow the step till opening up the case, the rest won’t be an issue to you.


2. Landing cover?



I have no idea how you call this thing. After my first crash I lost one side of this tiny plastic. So as usual… I made a replacement. At first it may seems the angle is impossible to imitate, but as I measure it it’s a just nice angle that is quite easily replicated. (my radius is wrong though)

So you can see the scratch from the fateful crash that lost the part… but hey, the new piece looks almost perfect! I designed a clipped on from the 60 degree small flap, it turns out to be a failure so I have to glue it on. So the fitting is not perfect. I will only share the model if anyone request this.

3. DIY camera hoodtest_hood1.jpg

Okay I have to admit this is pretty redundant. First I saw somebody on youtube made an ingenious way to cut out the original plastic protection and paint it into a working hood. Few days later the cheap injection molded hood goes all around the internet and ebay. I could’ve bought it, but I treated it as a challenge to model this *$&^(@ shape out. It’s not perfect, the semi-circle thing doesn’t fit with the rubber cover at all. I also made a mistake by assuming the camera is centralized, which is not the case, so I ended up cutting up more side wall. For this poorly designed beta is too embarrassing to share the model.

Is it a waste of time to make this myself? A bit. Is it worth it? Hell yeah, I have a personalized hood that nobody has (and nobody cares!)

4. Glued body

This is how bad it crashed… the retractable legs were also designed to sustain impact. But the impact crack over the main body. Figuring out this is a structural part to prevent the arm from over swing, I have to fix it the proper way.
It’s bonded with epoxy while clamping down. I was very happy with the end result as it shaped just like before for the same aerial dynamics, and became a personalized feature.


That’s all for now! I hope I never have to update this page again. Please check out my instagram for the shots I took with this Mavic.


One thought on “DJI Mavic Pro – repairs and 3D printed parts

  1. I have a stress crack on my shoulder also. The flight don’t seem to be different. I am scared that if i try fixing it myself with epoxy DJI would not take care of it anymore later on.

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