About & Links

“Always learning with an empty cup, but not with an empty stomach.”


Taiwan-born Singaporean. An aspiring inventor and innovator; a free spirit with a love for nature, racing on his bicycles and motorbike, music, art, photography and animation; used to compete in Mind Sports Olympiad in both Othello and Weiqi; a commando for 2+ years and active in multidisciplinary athletic races for a few years. A love for life, basically.

Photography has become his way of documenting life, to tell stories of places and people from the abandoned theme park of Berlin to the Everest base camp, from the protests in Hong Kong to Fukushima post-tsunami and the resultant nuclear radiation. Enjoys travel with an open mind and believes that “one life is not enough to learn everything about this world, live like there’s no tomorrow”.



Other links:

– Combination of personal and MIT project blog belongs to a co-founder of successful kickstarter project NarwhalEdu.

– A grammar Nazi inquisitive writer, creative charming friend full of ideas and loves, also an unique photographer and baker.

– Personal blog of a very skilled commercial/editorial photographer, also about books, travel and living.

– A photography major friend




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