The unusual animated GIF wedding photo for J&D


First attempt to make animated photographs. Thank you Jieyun for giving me the opportunity to play with this idea, you both rock! Nothing’s beats having friends appreciating your work, to believe him to produce something that has never attempted before, and to have fun during the shoot all together.


Disclaimer, actual wedding coming soon! These are just preview, the big surprise is yet to come! So, the idea during this shoot is ‘freestyle’ at the schools they used to study. So we went to the schools without expecting anything, and try to come up with something.


They are both runners, or used to be, which I find it very easy to relate with. We tried some shots at the field, didn’t turn out as dramatic and impressive, than this one at the stand. It’s time to warm the bench.


One of my favourite, but unfortunately I can’t optimize the file size enough. It’s a 6MB GIF!


Update on 25 May 2013


And finally… after days of trial & error, I’ve finally, near perfected (in scientists’ / engineers’ term, there’s no such thing as perfection) the art of animated GIF. Presented the 3 last clips.




Behind the scene:


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